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Take Your Birthday to the Next Level with a Stretch Limo

Many people think of a stretch limo and immediately associate it with either the ultra-wealthy or weddings. But birthdays present a unique blend of excitement and challenges that limos easily solve. Don’t get bogged down with worry about your Chicagoland birthday party, and take it to the next level by reserving a limo today.

Birthday Party Transportation for All Ages

A stretch limo is perfect for party plans from a sweet-sixteen to a golden milestone. Transportation around the area always seems to throw a wrench in those plans, often delaying some party attendees.

Limo service allows the entire party to go together, arriving at the same time, avoiding any delays. And, it’s not just for the adults, a limo adds an extra special element to younger parties too.

For adult celebrations, many people enjoy winery and pub tours, or a game or concert followed up by dinner, or one of the area’s many clubs. Traffic snarls often lead to a lot of wasted time when trying to get a group to enjoy something together.

For younger parties, traffic often delays plans or makes one of the attendees miss out on some of the fun. Simply providing group transportation alleviates many of these headaches, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

Safety & Security Are Covered

A primary concern for transporting any number of people is safety and security, especially if you’re headed toward the Loop. The more cars you have headed to the area, the more difficult it is to get parking close together, plus you have to walk to your destination.

Limo services often offer door-to-door service, so that you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to park. This improves not only your experience but reduces parking hassles and costs, leaving more for the party.

A common complaint about birthday parties is having to figure out what to do with your things while enjoying yourself. Sure, you can pack a bag, but that weighs you down and limits your options.

With a limo, you can leave everything in the vehicle while you’re enjoying the party. This leaves you mobile and means you don’t have to worry about trying to keep track of anything. Your driver also stays on stand-by, so whenever you’re ready to move on, they are simply a call or text away.

Built-In Designated Driver

Another problem with most adult-oriented parties is the concern over having a designated driver. Inevitably, one or more of your friends are left acting as the designated driver, limiting their participation in the festivities.

The professional limo driver offers a built-in designated driver who wants to help your entire party have fun. Limo drivers love their job and will do everything they can to help your entire party have an incredible time.

They are also highly trained to anticipate traffic movement to not only keep you safe but to provide a comfortable ride. A well-intended friend may still have a mishap, especially if they aren’t used to driving around the area.

The Party Doesn’t Stop

Whenever you move from one location to another, the party must stop until you get to the next destination. However, a limo allows you to keep that party going, making the ride a crucial part of the experience, rather than an annoyance.

Being your driver has the itinerary for the trip, your party is free to enjoy the ride, rather than worrying about what’s happening on the road. For many birthday parties, this is when the fun party games happen, both adult-themed or family-friendly, depending on the party.

Our limo fleet offers the right size vehicle for your party. Consider our smaller 6-passenger limo for the intimate party experience. We also offer 8- and 10-person traditional stretch options. If you’re entertaining a larger party, consider the 22-passenger stretch Hummer.

Wherever your party is taking you, you’ll appreciate not having to worry about transportation. Call or text to book your vehicle and driver with Ace Limousine today.

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