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Organizing Corporate Events: Tips and Tricks

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Companies constantly look for innovative ways to grow and promote their products and services. One way to engage employees, stakeholders, and potential customers is by organizing corporate events.

Every successful business needs to build strong relationships to remain relevant. With so many types of corporate events, every business can benefit from creating the perfect chance to inform, engage, or attract new audiences to their business. Understanding the ingredients of a successful corporate event will help you get your gala or product launch off without a hitch.

Steps for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

It’s no secret that excellent planning and decision-making make successful corporate events. Whether you’re looking to plan a company holiday party or community engagement event, review this corporate event planning checklist to create the perfect gathering.

Develop a Mission Statement for the Event

Every corporate event has a very different purpose. A philanthropic gala will have a different impact than a workshop or seminar introducing stakeholders to a new product or service. As such, crafting a mission statement will help shape your event appropriately.

Get specific about the outcomes you want to see from the event. Creating a clear vision will guide your execution, so your mission statement must align with company values and needs.

Set a Realistic Event Budget

Now that you know your goal consider the resources available. The amount and allocation of funds for your event will play a huge role in determining where and how you use your money.

Remember the importance of staples like food and beverage or transportation if you’re serving alcohol. One rule of thumb is to plan on spending 10% more than what you predict. With this expectation, you’ll be less likely to end up disappointed that you went over budget.

Incorporate a Fun, Relevant Theme

An event without creativity can quickly feel overly corporate and sterile. Bringing together the elements of your event’s mission statement and itinerary with a relevant theme is a great way to avoid a bland corporate event.

Brainstorm some themes that might feel associated with the purpose of your event. Avoid choosing a theme that feels too random or doesn’t add value.

Find the Perfect Venue

Location, location, location—not just a hallmark of real estate but also a fundamental rule for organizing corporate events. However, planning your event’s structure and skeleton before choosing a location and venue is crucial.

Booking a space too early in your planning process could hurt your event. Without understanding the needs and mission of your event, you could book an inadequate space. Conversely, knowing the mission and needs of your event will help you find the ideal spot to host.

Arrange Logistics

Different corporate events have different logistical needs. Gatherings that provide alcohol may need to arrange transportation for guests, and informational events might only allow a finite number of guests to sign up and attend.

After determining your event’s mission, needs, and location, it’s easier to grasp the logistics. Keep notes throughout your planning process on where you might need to provide additional services for your guests.

Engage Guests with Immersive or Community Building Activities

It’s one thing to plan an event with high attendance but another thing to keep guests at your gathering. Immersive and interactive activities are some of the best ways to ensure your attendees remain engaged and have fun throughout the event.

Create Benchmarks to Measure ROI and Event Success

Benchmarks can include anything from attendance rates to purchased merchandise or a strong feeling that the event strengthened your business’s community. Depending on the type of event, there will be very different expectations for the return on investment.

If you’re planning your event for a large company or new venture, higher-ups will likely want to measure the success of your gathering. Therefore, it’s crucial from the start to plan specific benchmarks to help you assess your event’s outcomes for your business.

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