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Finding the Right Wedding Limo

Congratulations! Make your trip a breeze and your arrival an event to be remembered by hiring a wedding limo for your big day!

No matter the size of your wedding party, hiring a wedding limo can save you stress and make your special day a day to remember. You can also hire an SUV limousine or a bus to transport out-of-town family from the airport to their hotel or from the hotel to your venue. The 24 passenger coach bus has room for 25 carry-on bags and would be a lovely way to treat your incoming family and friends.

Change Up the Tradition With Two Stretch Limos

It is said that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Whether you are both brides, both grooms, or a bride and groom pairing, you can use a limo service to help you keep this tradition rolling!

For example, you can have the party bus pick up one half of the couple on the way to the venue along with out-of-town guests, then send a limo for the other half of the couple. Make sure that the party bus driver and the limo driver are aware of the need for secrecy, and put your best man or maid of honor on that party bus to clear the way.

Honor Your Elders in a Hummer

If you are lucky enough to still have your parents and grandparents, consider hiring a car for them. The Excursion and Hummer limos may be just the tool to get older family members to your venue in style and comfort. For those using a larger venue and ushers, see if your ushers can ride along to help older members of your wedding family in and out of any vehicle you send out.

Celebrate on the Way to the Reception on the Bus!

Once you are wedded, it is time to relax and have fun with the people who joined you for this wonderful day. Consider hiring a party bus to get you from the wedding venue to your reception site. If your wedding is an intimate affair, have your reception on the bus!

Do take care to set up rides to and from the venue. Because time on the party bus may include adult beverages, you will want to protect your loved ones from any risks at the end of your reception. This may include dropping off your guests at their homes, or at an agreed-upon collection site to reduce the risk of accident or legal snag.

Consider the Kiddos with a Luxury Van

Many wedding parties include children. If you are transporting your ring bearer and flower girl from the airport or to the venue, make sure you know their favorite movie and have it playing as soon as they get in the van.

Leave in Style in a Stretch

If you held with tradition and arrived in two different vehicles, make sure you leave as a couple and do it in style. Arrange to have two chilled glasses of champagne set up in the limo as you approach it so you can toast each other and your wonderful guests. Line up a van or bus behind your limo to transport the rest of your guests to your reception, or get them all on the party bus!

Transportation is more than just a means to an end on your wedding day. No matter the season of your wedding or the conditions on that day, you can keep your guests comfortable, warm, and dry with one of the many rentals available from Ace Transportation.

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