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Cleaning Luxury Vehicles: Ensure Safety in Every Ride

Cleanliness is the new standard of safety within the events of a worldwide pandemic. Going outside? A full-on facemask and sanitizer will work out for you. Knowing that you have taken measures disinfecting would ease your mind as everyone needs to be careful. Those who own luxury transportation businesses should be most critical of safety, ensuring the wellbeing of their customers.

In taking proper measures of keeping luxury cars safe, it does not stop at just a slight carwash. Cleaning, disinfecting, and conditioning the surface of the luxury car is all part of the deal. Interested? Read on to get what cleaning luxury transportation should be.

Soap and water always do the trick.

A virus can stay on surfaces for hours and days if the cleaning routine is skipped. This makes it quite easy to jump on hosts. With the coronavirus’ M.O., it helps to be safe with the basics, and when we say basics, we mean soap and water. Why? Soap causes the virus to be inactive because surfactants in soap break down the virus’ structure, dissolving its fat membrane completely. A virus could not stand against soap and water, especially when it works better than harsh alcohol and disinfectants. This method always comes first when we clean our luxury vehicles.

Chemicals won’t make it easy.

Cleanliness causes a sense of relief for customers while in transport, but many detailing teams use chemicals to clean and disinfect their vehicles. Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or any ammonia-based products never make the job easy, and it tends to add an odor to the interior of the car. These chemicals damage the vinyl and plastic found in some parts of the car and can be hazardous for the breathing of the rider and driver. Disinfecting wipes that do not contain bleach prove to be effective, but as mentioned, soap and water will always be the best counter for germs and viruses.

Be careful with your interior.

Before jumping into the water-based action in cleaning, do a quick sweep of the vacuum over the seats. Start sanitizing luxury vehicles without damaging your interior by vacuuming the dirt. Choose cleaners that aren’t alcohol or detergent-based. These can cause organic materials to dry out. How about surfaces such as vinyl, touchscreens, door handles, and pockets? Vinyl requires mild soap with a damp cloth and a vinyl cleaner for final touches. To avoid blotchy or foggy screens, never use strong disinfectants with touchscreens. A minimal amount of water and a microfiber cloth will help. Door handles need special attention; they are the most frequently used item in the car for riders.

Final touches.

A final wipe down is done as an extra step to avoid leaving excess dirt. The door handles, seatbelts, cup holders, door panels, window power switches, and any other touchable surfaces in and out of the vehicle are never overlooked by our detailing team. In addition, because of recent events, cleaning always starts and ends by washing our hands and wearing protective gear such as gloves. Are you looking for a transportation service that takes care of their customers by cleaning and keeping vehicles sanitized? Enjoy the confidence of knowing that Ace Limousine is here and ready to take you where you need to go.

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