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Choose to Ride in Luxury with Airport Transportation in Chicago

If you have done any amount of traveling recently, you know what a hassle it is to get airport transportation to and from your destination. You could rent a car, but that really isn’t fiscally sound because you probably don’t plan on going very far during your stay. Hailing a taxi is always more expensive in the end and ridesharing services are not always available.

In fact, a lot of ridesharing services have recently been banned from airport pickups or banned completely from circling airports to pick up travelers. Some of those companies have even stopped their services during the pandemic. While such services may still be in operation where you come from, they may not be in operation or available at your destination airport.

That means your transportation options are even more limited. Yet, if you are flying into Chicago O’Hare airport and you plan on staying a while in Chicago, you can take a limo. ACE Limousine’s luxury transportation provides a much-needed lift to or from the airport and a ride in style. Here’s how this airport transportation service works.

Set up a Pick-up or Drop-off Time in Advance

Call ACE Limousine at least a week in advance to your arrival or departure date. Let us know what type of ride you need (e.g., pick up from the airport when you land, drop off at the airport when you leave). Pay for the ride in advance so that the only thing you have to do is look for your car and chauffeur when you exit the airport. It is important to book a limousine in advance so that you have peace of mind knowing that there will be a ride ready for you when you arrive.

Request the Type of Limousine or Other Luxury Vehicle

In most cases, ACE Limousine sends a black luxury sedan. However, you can request a stretch limo. ACE Limousine has other vehicles in its fleet, from a black Chevy Suburban to a ten-passenger white limousine. If you want something other than a luxury sedan, you will need to make that request at the time of booking. The luxury sedan cost for either pick-up or drop-off service starts at $45, but other, larger vehicles are available for transport.

Ride in Luxury and Style

Regardless of the vehicle you request, you can expect to ride in luxury and style. Leather seats, beverages, and other creature comforts are part of the ride package. If you are coming into Chicago very early in the morning or very late at night, you can expect to ride in comfort too. The ultra-padded seats and temperature-controlled interiors of all of these luxury vehicles make it easy to rest your eyes and your body from a weary flight as you travel to your hotel or to the airport.

ACE Limousine Does Transportation to and From Midway Airport Too

Chicago O’Hare may be one of the country’s largest airports and airport hubs, but that does not mean that ACE Limousine only provides airport transportation services at just O’Hare. ACE Limousine also provides airport transportation services to and from Midway airport, a smaller Chicago area airport. Be sure to tell the company associate which airport you are flying into and/or out of so that your chosen vehicle and driver are ready and waiting for you and not the other way around.

Don’t Worry About Your Bags or Personal Belongings Either

The chauffeur that comes with your vehicle will take care of your bags and offer assistance wherever needed. You only have to place your bags and personal belongings next to the rear of your limo or chosen vehicle and the chauffeur does the rest (i.e., places everything in the trunk). When you arrive at the airport to return to your city of origin, the chauffeur removes your bags from the vehicle’s trunk and leaves them for you to collect on the curb. He or she ensures that you have everything you brought with you before getting in his/her vehicle and departing.

Traveling in a Large Group? No Problem!

There are a few restrictions right now regarding traveling in large groups. However, luxury vehicles like sprinter vans and travel vans for parties greater than four people are available. You may also request a van for your group’s luggage and other vehicles just for the group to travel in style without the cumbersome luggage to worry about. Ask about these arrangements and related rates when you call to make a reservation for your transportation to or from your Illinois airport of choice.

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